Orta Anadolu and Vakko Esmod Fashion Academy Istanbul collaborated on an inspiring project recently, and the results are proving once again that the future is bright!

Orta Anadolu marketing team has briefed the academy’s Fashion Design and Creation Diploma program for second graders for the Casualwear Project and provided them with a range of high-quality fabrics. The incredibly gifted bright minds have combined what they have learnt throughout their experience at the Vakko Esmod Academy, their skills and creativity to choose a specific theme and run a collection based on it.

Surely denim is like no other fabric to work with; it has a unique soul. This is why, prior to the contest held, different workshops were held in cooperation about Seasonal Trends, Denim Sewing Techniques, Denim Washing and Fabric Usage. Based on this information and fabric consultancy, the students have realized their designs; which were later presented to a jury Orta Anadolu professionals.

All the students’ works submitted envisioned great vision and hard work – which made it very hard to choose winners but at the same time is very electrifying and promising for the future. In the end, works of Begüm Gelişmek, Çağla Gürsu and Atlas Gedikli were selected as the top three winners. All winners will have the opportunity to attend Orta’s Denim Academy Program to receive further education on denim while the first-place entry design is realized to be showcased to a selection of Orta’s clients in the new collection.

Information about the winners and the themes they’ve selected are as follows:

#1: Begüm Gelişmek
Thema: Mushrooms in Nature
Natural textures and layers on different kinds of mushrooms in nature are reflected onto draping in the collection.

#2: Çağla Gürsu
Thema: Technology and Natural Energy
Getting influenced by Lamborghini automobiles and natural lightning in nature, she used the elements of her choice for reflections on her fabrics.

#3: Atlas Gedikli
Thema: Japanese Culture
Cyclamen flowers from Japanese culture and kimono elements are combined with the influence from the movie Ghost in the Shell and reflected on his collection.