At Orta, we believe in the culture of denim, of denim being a language of artisan beauty and freedom.

We strive to serve the needs of the future consumer with a passion for authenticity and collective intelligence of the denim heritage. Bringing this with our goal of reclaiming a denim industry where more aesthetics leads to more ethics, we have to deliver the best of today and tomorrow as we have always done. We, therefore, have adopted and embraced the following policies to achieve our goals.


  • It is our priority that our working environment is safe, clean, organized and healthy.
  • Any behavior, machine, process and system that clearly and directly endangers occupational safety is prevented from working. Everyone who observes this practice is considered responsible and authorized. All our employees, regardless of their duties and titles, are responsible for observing their work environment with this awareness.
  • All kinds of machinery, equipment and systems used shall not be operated before the safety measures are checked and completed. Newly recruited or reassigned employees cannot start to work until they are given occupational health and safety training related to the work they will do.
  • Our managers at all levels lead our employees by example in occupational health and safety. Managers are primarily responsible for occupational safety measures, practices and results in their departments.
  • In order to prevent hazardous conditions such as work accidents and possible occupational diseases, environments are established where all kinds of improvement and development suggestions are evaluated, their continuity is ensured and employees are trained for raising awareness.
  • Legal and other requirements on occupational health and safety are carefully monitored and put into practice.

As an energy-intensive manufacturer of denim, our company is striving to improve the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of its work by reducing energy consumption and costs.

As ORTA we commit to;

  • Considering energy performance improvements in design and modification of our facilities, equipment, systems and processes,
  • Deploying information and resources to achieve our objectives and targets,
  • Upholding legal and other requirements regarding energy, · Increasing awareness of energy efficiency and resource use through the training given to our employees,
  • Prioritizing energy-efficient products and services in all our business processes, including procurement and support design activities that will improve our energy performance,
  • Reducing specific energy consumption every year by continuous improvement in our activities.


Orta Anadolu works to minimize the environmental impact of its operations through regular monitoring, as well as regulatory requirements, plus constant development and investment in more environment friendly new technologies.

It is now a universally recognized fact that resources are not infinite and that the environmental impact of products and activities are global. Orta Anadolu has been aware of this truth ever since its foundation and has outlined Environmental Policies in keeping with this approach.


  • Natural resources are used in the most efficient way possible while implementing recycling techniques that reduce waste.
  • We are careful to use eco-friendly materials and processes and develop eco-friendly products.
  • Regulatory requirements related to the environment are carefully monitored and implemented.
  • Regulatory obligations related to the environment are fulfilled unconditionally and in a timely manner and international standards are taken into consideration.
  • Orta Anadolu leads the way on these issues by conducting activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness in society, especially in Kayseri.
  • Orta Anadolu has integrated the ISO 14001 environmental management system into all its processes in order to implement these policies.

As ORTA we commit to;

  • Evaluate all of our activities according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle principle, legal requirements, lean and risk-based thinking principle and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Manage our production processes with the zero quality defects principle and to use our human, machine, material, time, finance, environment and information resources in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way.
  • Identify and fulfill the current and future needs and expectations of our stakeholders, our customers in particular, on time and completely to maximize their satisfaction.
  • We know and acknowledge the fact that information and information resources are critical to the sustainability of our business activities.
  • To protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, we have implemented and are conducting a risk management system. By managing risks accurately, we aim to safeguard data against threats and risks.
  • The information safety policy is monitored on regular basis to find opportunity spots and areas of improvement with continuous improvement & development goals. In such cases, the necessary information and resources are deployed to identified spots.
  • All legal regulations regarding information safety policies are continuously being followed and implemented, whereas necessary adjustments are made when there is a need.
  • We conduct training on regular basis aiming to improve our employees’ technical and behavioural competencies as well as create an awareness about how key information security is.
  • Orta aims to be a leading business partner in all areas of work conducted, including information management. We strive to be an exemplary institution in information security by managing all our assets, including information assets belonging to all our stakeholders in an integrated way within all management systems we apply.
  • The Orta Anadolu Textiles Management Board has committed to and recognized the following articles as founding principles:
  • We shall be unparalleled in excellence in understanding, appropriating and fulfilling our clients’ present and future fabric, service and cooperation needs.
  • We shall not provide any product or services that are different than the standards initially agreed upon by the client.
  • Communications with our clients shall be open, clear, plain, thorough and in due time.
  • We shall not make any promises to our clients that we cannot keep.
  • Upon recognizing a deviation or the possibility of a deviation from the agreement we have previously made with our client, the client shall be informed immediately.
  • We shall work with our client in a spirit of cooperation, based on long-term partnerships and common interests.
  • Our decisions pertinent to our clients will be based on relationships, not on transactions.
  • We shall always keep in mind that the client is “King.”
  • We shall always be fair, objective and transparent in order to maintain continuous customer satisfaction by responding in the quickest and easiest way possible to our client’s needs, expectations, advice and complaints, along with strict adherence to national and international legislature pertinent to orders.