Orta Blu is the sustainability division of Orta Anadolu, one of the world’s largest denim manufacturers based in Turkey. Our mission is as follows:

To communicate the efforts made by Orta in saving Energy at their production and working facilities, and keep you informed about any Technological advancements we make in that direction through our R&D department.

To launch hands-on Social Missions where through our products and our involvement we collaborate with NGOs around the world. For this purpose we have created a concept:

The Orta Blu ‘Life-Loop’ to connect communities in a global way helping them solve each others’ problems in a productive way. To promote the concept of Upcycling, both by example and also by helping our online community understand how they can make a difference even with small changes.

To create an online community (The Blu Tribe) driven by your interest in fashion, jeans, style all under the umbrella of a sustainable lifestyle. To share our technical knowledge with schools, colleges, clients and individuals through our Denim Academy, its workshops and its publications. And create an online reference in the process.

To keep you informed with updated world-news related to all of the above.