ORTA has partnered with London-based DB BERDAN, a young, sharp, hyper-street wear brand founded by the matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan, in collaboration on climate action denim from ORTA’s new eco modern denim fabrics.

ORTA has been leading the new narrative on more ethical, eco-engineered denim with the materially smart design that speaks to the demands of today’s waste-free, climate action generation. ORTA’s eco-innovation using hemp, reclaimed cotton waste, recycled denim, and earth-born coatings were the perfect fit for DB BERDAN’s vision of synthesizing eco-conscious materials with tech gear.

DB BERDAN, known for their socially advanced garments that speak to today’s postmodern society, put their creative street-cred twist on denim dresses, jackets, tops and jeans using ORTA’s eco modern fabrics. Keeping with its commitment to transparency and traceability with both brands and consumers, ORTA is sharing the results of its environmental impacts of all ORTA fabrics assessed with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology through QR codes on the collection hangtags. This is just one measure in the radical responsibility practices of ORTA’s ORTA BLU sustainability platform since 2010.

ORTA x DB BERDAN collaboration styles made their debut on the runway of Fashion Week in London and New York. The leading fabric in the ORTA x DB BERDAN collaboration is ORTA’s ethically sourced Gen H made from hemp, a net-positive plant that supports greater biodiversity of soil, which is important for mitigating climate change. It is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, super soft and breathable. Gen H with Hemp is like denim eco-nirvana, as it doesn’t shred as much as other fabrics in the wash cycle– which means it doesn’t release microplastics into the waterways. Even if it does shed a bit, it’s completely biodegradable.

The collaborative collection also features ORTA’s Halys fabric eco-coated with earth-friendly natural clay. Halys is the next generation of sustainable coatings, yielding a brown-orange cast and a worn-in beige colour effect. The collection rounds out with eco-stretch fabrics that are recycled and sustainably crafted denim for the ultimate individualist.

The ORTA x DB BERDAN collaboration was born from a shared passion to take the lead in socially- committed sustainability measures for climate action, striving for less waste, circular practices and ethical resourcing. Generation Z today fears climate change more than anything else, according to a new survey by Future of Humanity of over 10,000 18 – 25-year olds across 22 countries showed that an overwhelming 41% of respondents cited global warming as the most important issue facing the world, followed by pollution at 36%. (Source: Amnesty International)

“We are living in volatile times, one in which the by-products of the industrialization and manufacturing have impacted our landfills and waterways, contributing to the drastic changes to our climate. At ORTA, we are fully committed to a sustainable handprint that includes practices in the fight for climate action that are a circular ecosystem, using fewer resources while generating new ways to turn waste into net-positive, abundant resources. Our leading eco-innovation draws on nature’s design thinking with new technology, biological-engineering and creativity to create new infinite possibilities for denim that is earth and climate-friendly” states Dr Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s Denim Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Planning and Operations.

Progress only happens with a vested interest. ORTA’s eco modern fabrics imagined with DB BERDAN’s socially committed style is just the start of infinite possibilities towards a denim net-positive future.