GAMA Recycle

Our partnership with GAMA Recycle is an industry-leading commitment to local, circular loop towards zero-waste.

• ORTA x GAMA Closing the Loop in Denim Partnership is hyper-local, circular and climate-action focused.
• Closing the loop on fibre waste towards a regenerative denim system of infinite possibilities.
• Expanding ORTA’s Golden Ratio standard for creating the most eco-positive denim fabrics with the perfect mix of pre-and-post-consumer recycled materials.

Circularity remains a challenge for the textile industry due to the low supply of recycled materials. ORTA’s partnership with GAMA aims to manage resources and waste as new materials, creating a circular and regenerative lifecycle with each recycling. This local closed-loop system not only re-uses and recycles fibres, it also lessens the local environmental impact with reduced carbon emissions. This moves the circular business model to a regenerative one, which meets ORTA’s handprint mission to use fewer and more renewable resources to enable a more sustainable and abundant world.