Upcycle And Reuse

This section is focused on a very smart concept: UPCYCLING. Anything Recycled requires the consumption of energy, so, before we do that to our Jeans or any product that is ready for disposal, we think of a smart way to re-use the product. We give examples of Upcycling and we would love for you to share your ideas on the matter. If you find smart ways to re-use your jeans, please upload pictures, videos, and/or text. But it is more than that, we are interested in anything you do in your life to make it more organic, to conserve…. really, tell us about it. Even the smallest change makes a difference. In this section we will run a couple of Upcycling contests a year, so, stay tuned.

The theory is great, but words alone are not going to save the planet. Orta Blu and its partners encourage and sponsor the production of Denim Upcycled Products. We want to lead by example. Have a look at these photos of our upcycled items. GET INSPIRED!