ORTA Launches Regenerative, Collaborative Bluesky Denim Innovations Towards a Net-Zero World

ORTA’s new IMAGINUS collection advances its Bluesky mission of creating the most climate justice, planet justice and social justice denim ever—from regenerative raw fibers to wood and mineral based coatings. A new generation of denim possibilities that makes every piece of ORTA fabric an actionable solution for today’s eco-stressed world. 

Creating new partnerships for a net-zero denim future, ORTA works with hemp and cotton suppliers that utilize regenerative agricultural practices—various techniques such as crop rotation, low to no tilling, cover crops, intercropping and natural compost. Processes that help to draw down carbon, enhance biodiversity, enrich the soil and improve water systems.   

Expanding its regenerative denim portfolio, ORTA has secured a regenerative cotton certification from the industry leading Regenagri, a regenerative agriculture program for securing the health of the land and the wealth of those who live on it. It supports holistic farming, greater biodiversity for soil health, and sequestering CO2. The Regenagri Content Standard (RegenagriCS) certification will ensure ORTA Bluesky fabric certification of regenerative cotton that is net-positive. 

Where others see waste, ORTA sees a golden opportunity— leading the industry way towards a whole new generation of waste-free, biodesigned denim. ORTA’s BIO RATIO is crafted with fermented biomade synthetic fiber that is waste-free and climate-friendly. Using bacteria as processors, BIO RATIO is made with biologically recycled cellulose from a textile waste cocktail of 20% material waste + 80% wood pulp that is zero-chemical recycling— bacteria do all the work.   

Color gets biodesigned too: ORTA introduces a revolutionary next-gen collection of coatings that are made from industrial wood waste, and a new palette of bio-based colors, from bright indigo to Lego-inspired hues made of mineral-based dyes.  

“Today, we are realizing more and more that we live in a world of extremes—extreme climate stress, extreme waste, extreme resource depletion. Now is the time to reimagine our design process based on regenerative principles. It is also a time for rapid collaborative action. It’s unlikely for the textile industry to stay within 1.5°C pathway without rethinking growth to accelerate the transition from conventional to regenerative solutions. At ORTA, we are supporting Bluesky innovations that improve biodiversity, contribute to water availability and quality, achieve healthy soils, support climate resilience, and improve livelihoods” explains Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s Denim Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Planning and Operations. 

For GOLDEN RATIO, textile waste is used as a portion of feedstock for viscose, reducing the amount of wood pulp needed to create Liva Reviva viscose. Using conscious craftmanship, ORTA has achieved a new threshold for zero-virgin cotton using only pre-consumer recycled and reclaimed fiber waste, introducing next-gen ecofibers of elastane, viscose and 100% post-consumer recycled PET.  

Meeting consumer demands for more performance stretch, ORTA has engineered an eco-generative TORQUE Magical fiber and yarn technology that has zero elastane or PET. Shattering today’s standards, TORQUE uses 20% recycled fibers—stretching alternatives that solve the eco-stress of synthetic fiber usage & micro plastics waste that textiles create. Globally, about 35% of the microplastics found in oceans can be traced to textiles, making them the largest source of microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 

ORTA’s SS24 additional offerings include BLU DOPAMINE, with sensorial textures of stretch and energetic looks that trigger a feel-good effect and KEEPER CULTURE fabrics that reflect a colorful past and vibrant future.  

 At ORTA, it is in our DNA to be in a constant search for innovative solutions for a better future of denim. IMAGINUS SS24 collection furthers our commitment to generativity, ingenuity and community—and Bluesky innovation as the optimistic path towards a net-positive denim reinvention.