Today, ORTA’s commitment to building regenerative systems within our supply chains is aligned with the resurgence of the Solarpunk movement. Solarpunk is a positive vision of a near-future that embraces new technologies in order to protect the planet by emphasizing the need for sustainability, self-governance, and social justice.

The “solar” is both a description and a metaphor for the movements commitment to the future that is accessible to every human on earth , as well as to all of our planet’s lifeforms. As in the sun. No single business can capture and privatize sunlight to hoard it for itself or sell it at a cost. It is one of the only universally accessible goods. This movement futures envision a world of distributed clean energy. “The re-distribution of power, whether it is political or electric is at the heart of my story.”  says solar punk author Alia Gee.

The “punk” is about provocative innovation, open-source technology, and collective action. Together we can re-energize the system!
Today the Solarpunk aesthetic fuels our collective imagination that demands impactful ideas and abundance for all, and a sharing of knowledge. A regenerative mindset embraces a more holistic approach to agriculture, which combined with a circular economic model gives us a more optimistic  near future vision contrasting with many of the dystopian narratives that have predicted what is to come.

In the past, future scenarios have been rooted in bleak (desperate/cold) cyberpunk realities, and all its heroes were dressed in dystopic garb(costume/dress), portrayed as cynical lone wolves.  ORTA believes that denim not only can, but needs, to represent so much more. If we are to move away from dystopia and move our industry forward, we need to start the bluesky movement.

For ORTA, that means we ask ourselves—
“do we wish we could help the world around us become less polluted?
Do we want to create a kinder, more regenerative future?”

Our answer is yes, and if you are like us, then you too are solarpunk and a bluskyer. Imagine shaping the future with a thoughtful craftsman’s touch.

This future starts here and now — and we are building it from and with nature — bluskyers are in it for the long run: it is not just about stories of tomorrow, it is also about how we can build it.

We want to build a regenerative platform…a manufacturing transformation supported by technology and care, blossoming into a unified denim industry. One of rejecting unsustainable living. If you look out the window and think to yourself, “It’s not green enough, I wish I could do something about that,” you are a bluskyer. Ultimately, if you care about carbon neutrality, making nature net-positive every year, then, you guessed it, you are a bluskyer. So… now that we know what we are, it’s time to channel our inner “punk” to advocate and innovate a kinder, more optimistic denim industry of tomorrow.

Let’s write the story of tomorrow  we want to live in today

ORTA’s new collection embodies the company’s view of an OPEN TICKET of new denim possibilities that are in parallel with the major transformations facing global society today: climate action for real-world recovery, and the metaverse for new world realities.