HERE4GOOD is ORTA’s vision and in the wake of the global pandemic, it represents our commitment to the health and welfare of our ORTA family of workers, our brand partners and retailers, and to the Earth that sustains us. HERE4GOOD embraces the eco-modern technologies ORTA has been implementing to continually improve our sustainability practices, and to ensure denim’s future.

The pandemic of 2020 will go down in history as the great global reset. It will force every industry to rethink their supply chains, manufacturing processes and business values. Fashion is part of this transition and will only grow in an environment that is thriving. That environment is not only the earth and climate change; it also includes the ecosystems of business, fashion, manufacturing and retail. At ORTA, we are embracing “digital closeness” that is enabling a new level of personalization in our communications and business practices.

In this extraordinary business climate, ORTA is implementing resilient thinking into our ORTA BLU sustainability platform. Resilient thinking will be a new measure in the expansion of circular design processes. Resilient thinking embraces planning for a future through development and not just incremental growth. That means re-assessing every practice and process we have in place to ensure that we are proactive and not reactive to the unforeseen forces that may again disrupt our industry, our business and our lifestyle.

Resilience is the underlying theme in HERE4GOOD collection. It speaks to the human spirit and our collective desire to care more for each other, and the planet. HERE4GOOD includes new fabric innovations that are less stress on the farming and cultivating of natural fibers like cotton, and more eco-engineered and climate friendly fabrics that deliver amazing comfort, softness and performance. HERE4GOOD strengthens our Handprint mission to use less to create more—more value, more performance, more abundance of goodness.

ORTA believes that eco-conscious innovation will lead the denim industry into its next evolution.

ORTA has been leading the new commitment to more ethical, eco-engineered denim with materially smart design that speaks to the demands of today’s waste-free, climate action generation. ORTA’s eco-innovation using hemp, reclaimed cotton waste, recycled denim, and dyes made from food-waste are just one part of our continuing effort to develop more eco-conscious materials.

Keeping with its commitment to transparency and traceability, the ORTA BLU app shares the results of our environmental impacts of all ORTA fabrics assessed with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology through QR codes on the collection hangtags. This is just one measure in the radical responsibility practices of the ORTA BLU sustainability platform since 2010.

“More than ever, the best innovation is both technical and emotional. Coronavirus has taught us how fragile our systems are—from social to economic to supply chain. And it is teaching us that we have to rethink our ways. Our consumers have been pushing back on throw-away fashion, and we aim to be part of the solution to fashion without waste by eco-engineering with a higher percentage of recycled cotton in our fabrics. We know that a great pair of jeans is—and will continue to be—an emotional badge, a reminder of good times. Our eco-engineered denim stands by our commitment to make the feeling last,” states Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s Denim Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Planning and Operations.

HERE4GOOD collection features more technical advancements in the strength, durability and stretch capacity of recycled cotton fibres, both pre and post-consumer. FREECYCLE recycled cotton delivers 25% more tearing strength than virgin cotton, and 10% better shrinkage versus core spun versions. We are also expanding our breakthrough ZEROMAX denim that uses zero virgin cotton while delivering maximum shape retention.

ORTA is committed to fully using the net-positive power of hemp, with 20% hemp in our GEN H fabrics. Hemp is the new generation of eco-comfort for denim, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, super soft and breathable. ORTA is leading denim innovation with more hemp engineering for stretch, durability, comfort and game-changing wearable wellness, including its CBDenim infused with CBD oil.

Always stretching denim’s potential, ORTA continues its innovation leadership in stretch with a range of fabrics in its STRETCH SPECTRUM, with up to 80% more elasticity in unrivaled performance in shaping with softness.

ORTA is also leveraging its denim rich history by taking the best of its vintage and archived collections to a renewed modernity featuring warming and a unique blend of denim and reclaimed wool. With MEMORIA, we pay tribute to the denim masters with future-retro marble mixes and resurrected vintage shapes.

ORTA Lab continues to innovate under our DENIMIMICRY platform for biodesign, engineering with the best marriage of biology, nature and technology. “Our commitment to constantly improving our eco-innovation, striving to use less resources and more renewable options that take less, but give back more is our way of ensuring a future for denim and the generations who wear it. There is a growing feeling of ‘eco-anxiety,’ the deep concern for climate change, natural resources and the planet, especially among younger consumers. According to the United Nations, anxiety is a global crisis. Anxiety affects our immune system and health, and is impacting “millennial burnout,” which is now recognized as an official health symptom. ORTA’s HERE4GOOD collection recognizes this, and continues our commitment to play our part in reducing global and social stress by being the most advanced, eco-innovative denim in the world,” explains Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki.