Life Cycle Assessment

ORTA is determined to achieve a brighter, more sustainable and simulating future.

For this purpose, we’ve adopted LCA, a tool used to quantify the environmental performance of a product taking the complete life cycle into account (from raw material production to final disposal) defined by ISO 14040/44 standards.

As Orta, we partnered with SimaPro for our LCA Project which helps us apply it effectively empowering solid decision-making for the better, and improving the positive impact.

SimaPro was developed with an aim to make sustainability efforts measurable, embed sustainability to daily operations, and turn sustainability initiatives into a competitive advantage.

The new system we’ve adopted helps us analyze the life cycle of denim production in a transparent & systematic way and to identify hot spots:
– Carbon footprint,
– Water footprint,
– Product design & eco-design,
– Environmental Product Declarations (EPD),
– Determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)