Circle Economy | Beyond Green

ORTA cuts across its sustainable lifestyle through giving support to a special event BEYOND GREEN that is brought out by Circle Economy and The Amsterdam Fashion Institute to create a circular fashion world.

By using the collective power of students and industry to tackle critical issues throughout the fashion system, Beyond Green brings together new and established minds to push the boundaries of what we know, and realize what we dare to imagine.

What does a zero waste fashion industry look like?

The subject of this year’s event was ‘TOWARD A ZERO WASTE INDUSTRY’ and it aims to debate the latest developments in the field of circular fashion and to find collaborative solutions within a round-table session for non-circular and waste negative fashion industry problems with the help of pioneering brands and innovators, as well as promising students.

Circle Economy: A social enterprise, organized as a cooperative, we accelerate the transition to circularity through on the ground, action-focused, development of practical and scalable solutions and international campaigns, communications, and engagement, focused on spreading the circular message.

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