Always Take The Scenic Route

ORTA is deeply rooted in ethical innovation, circularity, transparency, authenticity and performance. We envision a denim future that goes beyond a circular economy to a view of infinite possibilities; where collaboration is enabled in every step from the farm to one’s fashion closet, where eco-technology helps us to use less natural resources, while creating more abundance, and where denim leads fashion’s leadership in climate action and build a waste-free denim ecosystem that enables a longer, healthier life for us and the planet.

Like any journey, HERE4GOOD started with a vision:
FASHION CAN ONLY GROW IN AN ENVIRONMENT THAT CAN THRIVE. Fashion is born by design and creativity, not fast-throwaway options. Design and creativity thrive best in an ecosystem that encourages development. At ORTA, our aim is to create that ecosystem for fashion, design, creativity and new denim imaginings.

HERE4GOOD represents ‘good’ in many ways: it represents good fabric, good quality, good communication and being a good solution partner, a good inhabitant of this home we call Earth. We share the GOOD feeling that we are all in this together. At ORTA, we wear our love. Love for each other, and for the planet. Whatever is GOOD for your soul, do it in denim.

With our ‘Make the feeling last’ commitment, we emphasize long-lasting comfort and longevity, underlined with physical and emotional durability. We continually introduce products that we would want to hold on to for a very long time, both physically and emotionally.

We are expanding our roots of HERE4GOOD with our motto DEEPLY ROOTED.

DEEPLY ROOTED embodies our start, our very own roots in denim, and our commitment to transparency.

Celebrating our origins in Anatolia, Kayseri, and its historic connection to the Silk Road, we have launched our impact platform called ‘’The New Denim Route’’.
We continue to expand our traceability commitment with our LCA data, including fiber origin.

We have now set our expectations towards being deeply rooted in closing the loop, from our GOLDEN RATIO design standard for the perfect recycled blend to our partnership with GAMA on closing the loop with pre-and-post consumer waste.

We aim to continue to ‘’Do Good Feel Good!’’ and invite you to take the journey with us.