70 Years of Innovation from Crafted Icons to Climate Tech.
Waste-Positive, Net-Zero Heirlooms of the Future

ORTANOW is the latest collection from ORTA which embodies 70 years of rich denim history with an innovation leading eco-modern handprint.

There are so many ways to show up in this devastating, challenging, moment. As part of Turkey’s family, we share the brilliance and bravery of our loved ones. Now more than ever it is time to gather together and create with integrity and genuine inspiration.

And so, NOW we create. With love. With hope. With renewal. Remember that first pair of jeans that fit just right, the jacket borrowed in the warm glow of a new romance, or that perfectly thrifted denim piece that you now couldn’t live without. What ignited your spirit, made you fall that first time in love with denim? Denim is an emotional fabric, that remembers our stories:  #pastpresentfuture narratives that can shape hearts and minds.

70 years of making fabric, ORTA is weaving stories into peoples’ lives. From distinctive ORTA icons of marble ring early nineties Japanese influence to Homespun ultimate X-Hatch of the 00s, to our first generation of multi-count fabrics to evolved techno shine stretch to the Alchemy of cashmere touch, and the denim disruption of 100% bi-stretch— ORTA broke denim boundaries then, and push them further with modernized eco-conscious performance now.

ORTANOW new generation icons include high performance Tencel® lyocell in the weft to supreme softness & recovery – perfect for the coveted legging and slim style denim look, unisex stretch with clear twill line and raw look performance stretch engineered with ultimate fiber blends ensuring longevity for use and performance. Marrying recycled materials with durability of stretch, ORTA replicates those sought after salt ‘n pepper marble washes with a smooth, Japanese artisan-like optic.

Continuing its regenerative handprint mission, ORTA has partnered with Nature Coatings to introduce the world’s first carbon-negative black pigment that is petrol-free and 100% wood-waste derived. BioBlack TX is a 100% bio-based, certified and carbon negative black pigment, made with pre-consumer industrial wood waste from FSC® certified sources from the lumber, paper, furniture and flooring industries – which means the wood waste is traceable to a sustainably managed forests.

“BioBlack TX is a disruptive, denim-first climate tech which we are proud to partner with Nature Coatings on. It is a carbon-positive pigment produced through a closed-loop, circular system of manufacturing that emits negligible amounts of CO2. The only by-product of this process is steam, which is captured and used to power parts of the production facility. The solution delivers a deep, black hue that is naturally free of fossil fuels, without added chemicals in the manufacturing process and free of PAH’s and carcinogens, making it safe to touch and wear. This partnership is a pivotal point in our advancement of a BioAwake innovation platform that embraces biodesigned and regenerative solutions that strive to be net-positive,” explains Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s Denim Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Sustainability, Planning and Operations.

Reimagining the future of our planet, people, resources and supply chains focus us and make our resolve stronger for the journey ahead. We consider ourselves not only manufactures of denim but cultural curators. On our 70th anniversary, our body, imagination, intellect, and soul respond to the beauty of recreation. We cannot be bystanders in this process. All we have is NOW.