Mavi, innovator in denim design and manufacturing, joins forces with Turkey’s leading-edge denim fabric producer Orta to launch Mavi’s newest addition to its Mavi Gold line, FEATHER. Debuting in Spring 2016, FEATHER uses exclusive fabric created by Orta in three unique shades to add to Mavi’s repertoire to kickoff its 25th anniversary celebration.

The premium FEATHER collection combines a casual lifestyle with a luxury feel and is the product of Orta’s distinct patented Alchemy technology and Mavi’s contemporary design. The unique Alchemy finish, developed by Orta, gives the fabric an extreme softness that is superfine and superlight. The denim is light, airy, and cool to the touch due to incorporating a novelty yarn mix of cotton, tencel, lyocell, and viscose. Despite its softness and lightness, FEATHER also integrates power stretch technology with excellent recovery standards. The final outcome is a breakthrough that combines softness and a feminine feel with a clean look and compact construction.

The collection introduces three exclusive hues for Mavi:

● Special Neptune: A shade of deep green cast with a true blue indigo bottom
● Future Blue: A mix of green cast and indigo, the achievement of this shade uses less water and chemicals
● Aqua Light Green: Represents the retro cool denim look for the new bohemian look

Orta has been the main vendor for exclusive developments for Mavi since day one, and have a dedicated development group called team Blue that serves like a sister team to Mavi. As the pioneer in authentic denim and new shades, Orta’s collaboration with Mavi is the perfect match.

“FEATHER is the symbol of denim comfort where we differentiate the unique feeling through new experiences,” says Elif Akarlilar, Global Brand Director of Mavi. “These are the jeans of women who spend their time trying to have meaningful experiences and have an eye on the future. In developing this exclusively with Orta, who has been with Mavi since the beginning, we are excited to launch FEATHER as part of our 25th anniversary celebration”.

“As the dedicated innovation partner of Mavi we are proud to have co-created the denim selection of the premium Feather collection,” says the Deputy General Manager of Orta Anadolu; Ebru Debbag. “Orta’s foresight, research and technical developments have combined naturally with Mavi’s desire and expertise for designing a new premium concept for the contemporary women.”

“We aimed to ‘TUNE-IN’ to the cultural desire for ‘LIGHTNESS,’ which is the updated definition of ‘LUXURY.’ The ultra light flexibility delivers ease of movement, as well as high recovery, and the unique indigo shades are developed exclusively for Mavi. We feel very proud and excited to see our co-creation revealing its premium design in the FEATHER collection.”

This new light and soft touch denim collection will retail at $148 and will be available at, Mavi Brooklyn retail locations, and other retailors worldwide.